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National Standards

A comparison of energy intake, measured in kilocalories, among Mennonite participants and national standards (NHANES (2001-2002), indicates that both Mennonite males and females consume more kcals (see Table 4). The mean caloric intake for Mennonite males is 2832 kcal per day, while males participating in the NHANES evaluation consume 2507 kcal/day. Similarly, Mennonite females consume a greater number of kilocals (1965) than their NHANES counterparts1870 kcal/day. The Mennonite participants are taller than the NHANES participants (Males: 178.3 cms vs 173 cm; females: 165 cms vs 160.8 cms.).  Mennonite men are heavier than the NHANES participants (84.68 kg vs 79.37 kg) while the Mennonite females are lighter than the NHANES counterparts (65.59 kg vs. 70.11). These numbers must be interpreted with caution because the Mennonite sample is much older (both sexes combined 54.71 years vs. 37.98 in the national study).