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Lipid Levels

The Mennonite sample for the 2003-4 study consisted of 203 individuals, ranging in age from 20-86 for males, with the median age of 49.  For females, ages ranged from 16-90 with a median age of 57.  An additional 75 serum samples from an earlier study were available for apoprotein analysis.

The observed lipid profiles in Mennonite participants were relatively good, with the population mean below 200 for both males and females (population mean for both sexes US is 189.88 ).  4% of males and 8.5% of the females have TC considered to be high.  HDL is another matter, with 51.5 % of the males having HDL <40mg/dl, which is considered to be higher risk for cardiovascular disease.   Only four males had HDL >60mg/dl, and the average age was 58+, above the 51.8 for the lowest group in HDL levels and 49.6 for the average group. The males with HDL> 60mg/dl had one major factor in common.  They recorded the lowest intake of high glycemic foods.  

LDL levels were good, with both males and females having 73 and 74 % respectively, with levels at near optimal and below.  Moreover, 73+% of both male and females had triglycerides in the normal range below 150mg/dl.