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Dietary Profiles

Out of a total sample of 212 participants in the Kansas Nutritional Project, 160 Mennonites (76 males and 84 females) returned completed three-day dietary questionnaires and food frequency lists. Almost 76% of the participants maintained a fairly time consuming food intake diary for three non-consecutive days.  There is no evidence for sampling biases associated with the more "at risk" individuals participating disproportionately.  

Dietary intake was close to the current recommended percentages for macronutrients

                          Population                Recommended

      Carbs             51-52%                        55%

      Fats               34-35%                        30% (maybe slightly higher now)

      Protein             14%                           15%

The intake of saturated fatty acids, however, is above the recommended 10% of total fat intake (34% for males, 45% for females).   Female intake of phytolipids (plant lipids) was higher than males. 

The recommended ratio of intake for the two essential fatty acids (Omega-6/Omega-3) is 4:1. The Mennonite intake is roughly 12-13:1, which is higher than recommended but below the national intake which ranges from 14-24:1. 

Dietary cholesterol intake is recommended to be below 300mg day.  Males in this sample took in an average of 354mg day, while the females averaged 248mg day.   The lowest intake of dietary cholesterol was with the Alexanderwohl group, the highest in the Garden View group.