College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


The LBA is located in Lippincott Hall and consists of two molecular genetics laboratories, a computer room, a suite of three offices, and the director's office and conference room. The laboratories are equipped for standard molecular genetic and anthropological genetic research. 

A number of research collections are housed in the LBA, These include: DNA samples from the major geographic regions of the world (Africa, Europe, Asia, and North and South America); nonhuman primate specimens, dental casts from several Mexican Native and Black Carib populations; dermatoglyphic prints from various populations, samples of individuals with various chromosomal anomalies, and the Midwest Twin Register, which contains information on more than 600 monozygous (MZ) and dizygous (DZ) twin pairs from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. Several research programs, including studies of migraine headaches, voice acoustics, prematurity, and schizophrenia-related behaviors have been conducted on samples from our data base.