College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

ANTH 652 - Population Dynamics


Demography and human population biology: Problems and progress 
Leslie & Gage, 1989

Some Environmental and Cultural Factors Influencing the Structuring of Australian Aboriginal Populations 
Birdsell, 1953

Cross-spectral analysis of rainfall and human birth rate: An empirical test of a linear model 
Jorde & Harpending, 1976 

The Biological Diversity of herding populations: An introduction 
Crawford & Leonard, 2003 

VNTR DNA Variation in Siberian Indigenous Populations
McComb, 1995

The Relationship Between Human Population Genetics and Demography
J. Sutter, 1963

Demography, ethnohistory, and genetics of the Irish Tinkers 
Crawford & Gmelch, 1975 

Human ovarian function and reproductive ecology: New hypotheses
Ellison, 1990

A comparison of mortality patterns in human populations residing under diverse ecological conditions: A time series analysis 
Lin & Crawford, 1983

Life Tables in Palaeodemography: a Methodological Note 
Williams, 1992

Demographic structure of an urban, ethnic, isolate: Polish Hill Pittsburgh 
Crawford & Goldstein, 1975

Genetic Structure of Mennonite Populations of Kansas and Nebraska
Crawford, 1989

The breakdown of reproductive isolation in an Alpine genetic isolate: Acceglio, Italy 
Crawford, 1980

Theories of mate selection 
Eckland, 1968

The Population Laws 
Li, 1961 (Chapter 2)

Multiple Alleles and Blood Types 
Li, 1961 (Chapter 4)

Mendelian proportions in a mixed population 
Hardy 1908

Molecular Markers in Anthropological Genetic Studies
Rubicz, Melton & Crawford, 2007

The use of genetic markers of the blood in the study of the evolution of human populations 
Crawford, 1973

Spring Break

Midterm Exam

Human minisatellite mutation rate after the Chernobyl accident 
Dubrova et al, 1996

Signatures of natural selection in the human genome 
Bamshad & Wooding, 2003

Seeking the signs of selection
Olson, 2002

Origin and maintenance of genetic variation in Black Carib populations of St. Vincent and Central America 
Crawford 1987

How Malaria Has Affected the Human Genome 
Kwiatowski, 2005

Biocultural adaptation to disease in the Caribbean: A case study of a migrant population 
Crawford 1996

Admixture estimates and selection in Tlaxcala 
Crawford et al, 1976

Genetic effects of population size reduction
Roberts, 1968

Anthropological Genetics in the 21st Century: Introduction
Crawford, 2001

Genetic Analyses of Hybrid Populations
Workman, 1973

Isonymy and repeated pairs analysis: The mating structure of Acceglio, Italy, 1889-1968 
North & Crawford, 1997

Inbreeding in Human Populations 
Reid, 1973

Reproductive Behavior and Health in Consanguineous Marriages
Bittles et al, 1991

Molecular Markers in Anthropological Genetic Studies
Rubicz, Melton & Crawford, 2007

Genetic Distance Among Southern African Populations 
Harpending & Jenkins, 1973

Human genetic distance studies: Present status and future prospects
Jorde, 1985

DNA Diversity and Population Admixture in Anatolia
Di Benedetto et al, 2001

Genetic Evidence on the Origins of Indian Caste Populations
Bamshad et al, 2002

The effects of religion, economics and geography on genetic structure of Fogo Island, Newfoundland
The effects of a new political border on the migration patterns and predicted kinship (PHI) in a subdivided Hungarian agricultural population; Tiszahat 
Crawford et al, 1999 a, b

Population Structure of Native Americans
Crawford, 2001, c.5