College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Christopher E. Barrett

PhD Student, Anthropology
Adviser: Dr. O'Rourke
Primary office:
631A Fraser Hall


B.A.: Biocultural Anthropology - Western Washington University 

M.A.: Biological Anthropology - Western Washington University 

Research Interests

  • Anthropological Genetics
  • Ancient DNA
  • Epigenetics
  • Population genetics
  • Archaic introgression
  • Human adaptation
  • Human migration
  • Human physiology
  • Bioethics
  • Biological Aging
  • Stem cell biology
  • Epidemiology
  • Siberia
  • Beringia and the Americas

Selected Publications

Stevenson, J. C., Rankin-Sunter, K., Maki, C., Bruna, S., Mosher, M. J., & Barrett, C. E. (2015). Community Based Pilot Study of Diagnostic Paths to the Gluten Free Diet. International Journal of Celiac Disease3(1), 17-24

Selected Presentations

Vitamin D Intake and Serum Leptin Levels: The Kansas Nutrition Project, poster presentation, Association of Physical Anthropology, April 2016, Atlanta, Georgia

Osteological Complexity: Testing Allometric Hypotheses on Pterion - Preliminary Study, poster presentation, Northwest Anthropology Conference, March 2016, Tacoma, Washington

Dietary Vitamin D Intake and Metabolic Syndrome, poster presentation, Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver Canada, March 2016

Kerf Patterning on Animal Cremains: Preliminary Analysis of Microscopy Methods, poster presentation, Northwest Anthropology Conference, April 2015, Eugene, Oregon 

A Review on the Complex Phenotype of Aging: Nutrigenomic and Molecular Mechanisms, poster presentation, American Association of Physical Anthropology Conference, April 2014, Calgary, Alberta Canada 

Diagnostic Trajectories to Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity, Symptom Levels and the Gluten Free Diet: Persisting Challenges, podium presentation, Northwest Anthropology Conference, March 2014, Bellingham Washington 

The Mysteries of Aging Scrutinized: A Biological Anthropology and Behavioral Approach, podium presentation,  Washington State University - Interdisciplinary Conference of Anthropology and Sciences, September 2013, Pullman Washington

Selected Grants

Friends in Anthropology Grant 

Enhancement of Graduate Research Grant

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